Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MediaWiki as a Xen virtual appliance

After a lot of hard work and a burst of activity during the past two weeks, rPath has officially released support for the Xen virtual machine platform. In a nutshell, you can now produce virtual appliances that run under the Xen hypervisor using rBuilder Online. Indeed, having been announced this morning, there's already more than 10 virtual appliances available for downloading in Xen format.

How hard is it?

To test this reality, I took the MediaWiki Appliance I've been maintaining (already available in VMware, ISO and raw image versions) and set about producing a Xen version.

Here's the sequence of steps required.
  1. Go to the group-builder tool on rBuilder Online.
  2. Cook my top-level group, group-amp, selecting the checkbox for "Xen DomU" flavor.
  3. When the cook is done (less than 5 minutes), create a new Build
  4. Select the freshly cooked [xen,domU] flavored version.
  5. Select the Raw Filesystem image type (easy to use on a Xen Dom0 server)
  6. Wait (less than 10 minutes)
  7. Done!
I'm not sure how this could be easier: one codebase, one specification in rBuilder Online for my MediaWiki appliance and I can produce as many target software appliance formats and now, multiple virtual machine options, as I care to offer.


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  1. There's now 38 different appliances in Xen format.